In the world of gaming these two names have emerged quite brilliantly as compared to other games: Subway Surfers and Temple Run 2. They both have similar gameplay but offer certain changes in graphics and various other things. Both of these games are free to play unless you decide to purchase any in-game purchases. If you are stuck at deciding between these two magnificent games then we are here to provide you a quick overview about how these two differentiate.

Goal and Objective

As far as the gameplay is concerned, they both have same mission, goal, or objective, i.e. to run as fast as you can avoid obstacles and collecting collectable items such as coins and other bonus stuff. Players in both games boost their performance by making certain transactions. They both are available on App Store, Play Store, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Windows Phone.

Difficulty and Challenges

Although both games have almost similar controls but still it is stated that Temple Run 2 is considered more difficult as compared to Subway Surfers. They both have same controls that is to swipe up for jump and down for slide. Additionally, in Temple Run 2, a player can either slide left or right while making sharp turns to prevent getting slammed by obstacles. Having same motions Temple Run 2 is still rated more difficult. Another reason why Temple Run 2 is harder is because while playing it if your character hits an obstacle it immediately dies but in Subway Surfers if your character hits an obstacle it can still continue running.


Temple Run 2 has visuals that are bit comical providing you a glimpse of Tomb Raider. The game is based on South American ruins where player is chased by monsters. Whereas the visuals and graphics on Subway Surfer are bit cartoonish and light-hearted portraying a colorful city where you are chased by a mild inspector and its dog.

System Requirements

These both games are available for iOS and Android devices but you need to have certain version of OS to play it on your phone. In case of an iOS device you need to have iOS 5 s or later version whereas Temple Run 2 can be played on iOS 4.3. While using Android you need to have Gingerbread 2.3.3 to play Subway Surfers but Temple Run 2 can be played on Android 2.1. Almost the system requirements are identical for both games.

Payment Options

Both games have options to upgrade your character and boost their performance by making in-app purchases. You can purchase additional lives and some other valuable features that are not available for general users. If you try to make a comparative analysis you will see that Temple Run 2 will make a user spend more money as it is tougher than Subway Surfers. Subway Surfers also provides ample amount of money to make in-app purchase on your starting day which make it less necessary to spend more money.

Applications Comparison: Subway Surfers VS Temple Run 2