The recent Google I/O has had a lot to showcase and among them is the Google Project Jacquard, which is set to introduce technology into outfits, making them gadgets that users can tap or even swipe.

What Google is doing with this Project Jacquard is turning your clothes into a touchscreen or in essence, changing the definition of wearable technology. This project is taking this technology to the next level as clothes can now be used in the same way as cell phones.

Jacquard is a weaving process and Google revealed this program just recently and the company will be working on means of how to massively produce these outfits. According to a close source, the Jacquard team is working on shrinking all of their devices to end up with button-like sizes, making it easier to embed into the production process. This will also ensure that the thin, metallic alloys and those natural-looking synthetic fibers stay camouflaged within the traditional threads.

How it works

According to the Jacquard team, the new technology will make use of miniature electronics that capture any form of touch interactions. This will in turn use machine-learning language to detect what each gesture means. The data of the results will then be transmitted to your mobile device via a wireless connection.

What does this mean? What the Jacquard Project means is that soon users of these outfits will be able to make calls by simply swiping two fingers across their jeans. This is where Levi Strauss & Co. comes in as Google’s major partner. The new set apparel will have an emotional, functional, as well as an aspirational connection to the consumers.

Google is not the first in the smart clothes industry

Google is not the first company to venture into the smart clothes industry. There are also other players in the industry such as a smart Polo shirt designed by renowned fashion icon Ralph Lauren. This smart shirt has silver-based thread sensors that have been cutely knitted into the fabric, adding to the shirt the ability to read heart rates, stress, as well as breathing levels. Other smart clothes available in the current market are the NuMetrex sports bra, Athos capris, and Sensoria smart socks, among many others.

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