Minecraft is a very popular game on all the platforms it is available. There are a lot of people who prefer playing it on their Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 consoles or desktop PC. However, since now the big mobile companies are releasing more and more powerful devices, it seems that the game is being played mostly on smartphones.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.11.1 has been released for iPhones and it comes with a few new features. However, before we tell you more about the new features, we’re going to say something about the game.

The Pocket Edition of Minecraft comes with Creative and Survival modes, big worlds, caves, mobs, new biomes, villages and more. Now you can also use the Wi-Fi network connection to make a multiplayer game and play the game with your friends.

In Minecraft you will need to use your imagination to create tools, buildings and many more. In case your kid loves playing games on his or her iPhone, we suggest you to install the Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.11.1 and let him/her try it out.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition v0.11.1: What’s new?

As we told you above, the new Minecraft: Pocket Edition version 0.11.1 comes with some new features. Below, we’re going to list you all the new features that you will find in this new version.

– Support for Multiple Language
– Boats now have two spaces, which means that you can take your friend or your pet for a pleasant ride
– Skins has been added to the game, which allows you to change your in-game look by uploading your own skin or choosing one from the downloadable packs
– And more things that we will let you discover yourself!

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.11.1 can be downloaded from the app store. In case you don’t want to buy the game, you can also download the Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.11.1 cracked version from the internet. However, we suggest you to download it only from trusted websites or you might end up with some viruses or other malware files.

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