Website insecurity is a very common thing today. The only way to stay safe with your web logins is by using a very strong password for each site you visit while at the same time ensuring the same password is not used more than once.

It is not very easy to memorize each and every password you use on every website you visit. However, a password manager can do just that. Using simple passwords or one password on multiple websites makes the work much easier for hackers as it is very easy to guess. In case your password is known to a third party person and you use it on more than one account, you’ll be in huge trouble. It is for this reason you need a password manager installed.

There are numerous password managers available for download today, something that makes things very hard for many users. However, we have narrowed down what you need to watch out for in determining the best one for you. Furthermore, you will also come across some top suggestions for the best ones available for download this 2015.

The basics

A typical password manager will install like a plug-in. Immediately after you have logged into a secure site, the best manager will offer to save your details such that you don’t have to re-enter them when you visit the site again.

You’ll find some top password managers with the ability to detect changes in passwords and in the process offer users the chance to update the current credentials. Usually, the best one will capture and replay your credentials and save you lots of time when logging into common websites. In the suggestions available, you’ll also come across one with an in-built password generator, which is an added advantage for those who don’t want to strain themselves trying to come up with a strong password.

Another basic aspect of top password managers should be the ability to sync with all devices you use to visit all your websites, be it on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices. You can even find some with fingerprint authentication rather than using the master password. However, make sure you opt for the one that offers two-factor authentication.

Auto-filling of forms

Just stop and think about the numerous sites that you visit on a daily basis. With a feature that auto fills forms that you otherwise have to fill manually; it saves a lot of time. When looking for the best password manager in 2015, make sure you get an application that automatically fills any forms with the information it has stored. However, make sure you double check the auto-filled forms since the accuracy of these managers varies.  Usually, these password managers auto-fill credentials involving your names, email address, phone numbers, among many others.

More advanced features

As noted earlier, there are numerous products that offer almost the same capabilities as far as password protection is concerned. However, you need a standout app from this crowd, and this is where advanced features come in.

One feature you ought to look for in a top password manager is managing passwords not just for websites, but also for your installed apps. Furthermore, the best manager will provide you with a secure browser that ensures all your transactions are safe and it is triggered whenever you log into a financial website.

Other advanced features for the best password managers include ability to share passwords with other users securely, share login without revealing the password, among other features.

Which password manager is the best in 2015?

After trying out more than thirty password managers, our team came up with a number of top managers that if installed on your device, you’ll be guaranteed safety and security with your password. One good app is LastPass 3.0 Premium password manager. With this manager, you will be sure of getting a comprehensive set of impressive features to keep you safe.

Another special password manager to look at is the Dashlane 3, which is also equipped with numerous features that might not even be found on LastPass 3.0. If none of these two impresses you, try the Sticky Password Premium, which handles most essential tasks than these two and many other managers available today.

One thing is that the best is never free and you’ll have to pay a few dollars in order to get these apps. Dashlane 3 is available for just $39.99 per year, while LastPass 3.0 Premium can be downloaded and installed for a fee of just $12.00 annually. On the other hand, Sticky Password Premium is available for a fee of $19.99 per year.

You can also check out other managers such as RoboForm Everywhere 7, RoboForm Desktop 7, Keeper Password Manager and Digital Vault 8, Authentic8 Silo, LogMeOnce Password Manager Ultimate, Zoho Vault and Password Genie 4.4.

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