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WhatsApp Free Calls and SMS Download Information


It is the download that everyone is talking about. A way to send free SMS text messaging to your friends without having to pay or without them coming off your allowance. You can even tell when someone has read your text message (on the Android and iPhones there will be two blue tick marks indicating the message has been received and read).

Earlier in 2015, the app (designed for use across all smartphone devices regardless of type) is said to have been regarded as the world’s most popular messaging app. Globally there are 600 million active users and that figure is growing on a daily basis.

But it’s not just SMS texts that can be sent freely between smartphones with the app uploaded, WhatsApp Calling is a service is a way where you can call your friends and family totally free, even if they are on the other side of the world.

WhatsApp calls use your device’s Internet connection rather than your mobile allowance plan. It is worth noting you cannot use WhatsApp for emergency service calls. But it’s multimedia messages that really make WhatsApp so dynamic; on most standard phones which have a contract, we can enjoy x amount of texts free of charge before having to pay for them, but picture messaging seems never to be free – and furthermore, very expensive. WhatsApp has an MMS (picture messaging) service which is as free as the text messaging service you might use.

There is a group chat service in the app which talk with a group of contacts all at the same time. There are some small businesses that have even held conference text chat meetings on the WhatsApp platform!

WhatsApp will use your phone’s Internet connection, whether it used for calling or texting. This does mean that users on a contract with a certain amount of allowances should closely monitor their data allowance.

How Much Data Does It Use?

A 10-minute phone call would use around 7MB of data; which is not too bad considering most of us are given around 500MB as standard for the month. A text message will be just 4KB but although this amount of data is tiny, it may vary depending on the type of smartphone device you happen to be using.


The devices supporting WhatsApp include the iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia S40, Nokia S60, Windows Phone and the BlackBerry 10.