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WhatsApp Nokia Asha 2.12.84 – Download The Latest Beta Version


WhatsApp is in a continuous evolution, but the developers are focusing more on the Android version, which is updated every few days. WhatsApp for Series 40, including Nokia Asha, is neglected, so when the developers are releasing a new update for one of these phones it’s like an important intergalactic event. But since a new beta version has come, we’re expecting to notice a few improvements and bug fixes.

Nokia created a line of low-end smartphones which was launched between years 2011 and 2013, after the company was acquired by Microsoft and announced that “Asha” will be used as an on-ramp for the popular Windows Phone OS. Later, the new owner “killed” the production of Asha and Android-based Nokia X smartphones and focused on its Microsoft Mobile-branded Windows Phones and other smartphones still carrying the Nokia brand.

The list of Asha phones compatible with WhatsApp includes these models: 201; 205 Chat Edition; 206; 208; 210; 300; 301; 302; 303; 305; 306; 308; 309; 310; 311; 515; 500; 501; 502; 503 and 230 and if you happen to have one of them and want to install WhatsApp, you will get the jad file from, not from the Opera Mobile Store, which was previously called Nokia Store.

The 2.12.84 beta version may have errors and other glitches because it’s still being tested, so if you experience inconveniences, you can contact the developers and report the problems. This new version is back to a size of 2MB, compared to 1.8MB, as it was on more recent versions, but we haven’t found a changelog containing the changed that were made to 2.12.84, and we’re assuming that WhatsApp for Nokia Asha has only bug fixes and no support for Voice Calling yet. This feature can be found on WhatsApp for Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10 and now it’s tested by a few Windows Phone users. Also, this version doesn’t support the web feature either, which means that you can’t use your computer to log into your WhatsApp account and send messages from browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Chrome.