At the end of January, WhatsApp introduced the Web feature for Android and Chrome, then later, the client was made available for Firefox and Opera, but it still can’t be used on iOS due to Apple platform limitations. However, there are users who would prefer to chat from a computer, using a physical keyboard, in this article we’ll teach them how to log into their accounts using the Chrome Browser on a computer or laptop.

The users who want to install WhatsApp as a standalone application on their computers need to get an Android Emulator such as Bluestacks with which they can download the popular application. But if they want to respect the rules and use WhatsApp’s web feature, this is a better solution. WhatsApp for Android, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone comes with the Web client, but the users need to install the latest version of this application for these platforms. Also, they must install the Chrome browser on their computers and have an internet connection on both the phone and PC.

After that, they will open the Chrome browser and navigate to A QR code will appear, which will be scanned with the phone’s camera, but before doing that, they will go to their phone’s Menu > WhatsApp Web to launch the QR code scanner and point the phone’s rear camera at the code, to scan it.

After the code is scanned and recognized, the computer and smartphone are paired and the users can log into their WhatsApp accounts and start sending and receiving messages. However, they mustn’t close the application on their smartphones, because they will log off from their computers. So, as long as WhatsApp is running their phones, the users can chat from their computers using the 3G data or a WiFi connection. We recommend using a wireless network, because this way, no mobile data will be consumed and the users will be able to make free calls using their headphones with a microphone included, without worrying about the data consumption.

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