WhatsApp is a famous IM app and it is considered off the charts by most people, there is no doubt about it. However, it’s good to know that there is a mock-up of the app out there, which will also wow you. It may not contain all of WhatsApp’s features, but it comes with a lot less restrictions. Drums please… this app is called WhatsApp Plus.

So as you can probably tell by its name, WhatsApp Plus is in fact WhatsApp. But it does come packed with several additional elements, which the original version does not have.

Just so you know, these two apps cannot be installed on the same handset. So, when you decide to use the WhatsApp Plus version, the other one must be sidelined. Once you’ve done this, you have to set up WhatsApp Plus. However, the App store no longer has this file because it was considered a rip-off of the original version.

Everyone who likes WhatsApp knows that it doesn’t wow you in terms of UI. But if you set up the WhatsApp Plus variant, you get to personalize the entire UI. You have approximately 750 themes (no costs) to choose from and you can modify the hues and the fonts however you like. The emoticons in the WhatsApp Plus variant are a lot more fun, but they can only be seen if the other person you’re talking to, has the Plus version installed as well.

Some of you might be already sick and tired of WhatsApp’s features that are compelling you to reply to the messages (blue ticks for instance). The Plus version allows you to give all of these up.

Those using WhatsApp also have to face some low quality videos, when they want to sent them to their loved ones. The size of files is also under a few limitations. But with WhatsApp Plus, the quality is sky-scrapping and you can also send files up to 50 MB as far as size is concerned.

And to be fair here, users should know that WhatsApp Plus also prohibits app users from using the app for 24 hours. Plus, the free call addition that was just added in the original WhatsApp version is not available for the WhatsApp Plus variant.

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