Microsoft recently revealed the official release date of Windows 10, which is set to July 29.

However, there are some few surprises that are still coming along with this new release and one of them is that the Xbox One app will not only be integrated in the PC version, but also Windows 10 for Phones will come with this app.

At the moment, there is really very little that can be said regarding the concept behind Windows 10’s integration of Xbox in the phone version. However, those who love playing Xbox games will be glad to hear this news as they can look forward to getting a new Nokia Lumia smartphone which will come with this support.  Using this feature, users will be able to know their achievements, friends on their lists, offline and online status as well as watch saved video and photo-moments from the previous gaming time.

There is no doubt that gamers will love the addition of the Xbox One app in the upcoming Windows 10. It brings in a new era where users do not need a TV to play Xbox; rather, the same can be done from a PC, tablet, notebook, or even smartphone. You can also carry on with live chats with your friends such that you don’t have to wait until you reach home so as to know your friend’s achievements.

Xbox One live updates 

Xbox One has already received an update and this happened last month, bringing in a number of interesting features such as voice commands. In essence, Xbox is getting better and better, however, the developers will have to do something about the number of titles available if they are to retain the huge following they already enjoy.

Extra Windows 10 for Phones features

There are also other features that Microsoft expects to include with respect to the Xbox One app on Windows 10 for Phones. One such addition is the ability to integrate the complete TV guide whenever it is hooked up to the gaming console. Furthermore, there will also be support for live TV streaming of programs.

Users of Windows 10 for Phones will not just enjoy Xbox One gaming console on their mobile devices, but they will also enjoy other apps as well. Microsoft has gone ahead and included MS Office, One Note and other apps. Even though these apps might look familiar to you, they have undergone some serious changes as far as the looks are concerned.

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