Google announced release of Android M with a little fanfare as it was expected and compared to its previous releases. That could mean that Android M has lot of surprises hidden beneath it. Numerous features and tricks have been added that are yet to be displayed. We have compiled a list of such hidden features for your interest that you can try on your Nexus devices or wait for your device’s manufacturer to cope up with latest tech.

New Theme Mode

Android M has a better way to offer to its users when it comes to selecting theme. Users can select either a darker theme or a lighter one depending on their mood and surroundings. If you are unsure about selecting a single theme then you can select it to be changed automatically on periodic basis. First you need to unlock the Developer Options to enable this feature. Once it is unlocked follow this path: Settings > Developer Options and select new theme.

Multi-Window Mode and Tablet-Only-Split Keyboard

It was a yesterday’s news that a user is able to use multiple apps at one time with their special and designated hi tech smartphones. Now this feature can be accessed with your Android M as this capability is blended in its roots. You may need to setup your phone for it initially that might take some time of yours. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Edit the build.prop file and change the user type to ‘userdebug’. This will give you multi-window options in your Developer Options.
  2. Now move to Settings and select Developer Options. Enable Multi Window mode from here
  3. You can edit the layout as well of the windows. To do so, tap the square icon next to X against each app for multitasking view. This will provide you different layouts to choose from.

You can get split keyboard as well from keyboard settings. The idea of this split keyboard is derived from Apple’s devices and look much like in iPad at iOS 5.

System UI Tuner

A new feature is added that is called System UI Tuner. This feature will enable its user to customize Quick Settings tiles. Move to Settings > System UI Tuner. From here you can customize tiles by selecting and dragging them to desired position. Apart from changing their position you can also rename them or delete them if needed.

New RAM Manager

If you ever felt like managing RAM on your device then you can do so with your new Android M smartphone or tablet. Head over to Settings and then choose Apps before opening the Hamburger menu. Here, go to Advanced and select Memory. This will show you how much memory each app has taken and you can free memory by force closing apps as needed.

Doze Mode on Per App Basis

If you want to manage your device’s battery consumption then you can do so too with its app-by-app consumption. Configure the battery usage for each app by following this path: Settings > Battery. Now tap on Hamburger menu and then select Ignore Optimizations. Now you can select apps that will not be affected by Android’s Doze mode.

Dual Band Hotspot Tethering

The Hotspot feature of Android is updated now and it can provide support to 5 GHz networks depending upon the hardware being used. You can configure Hotspot once you have created a network with 5 GHz. Just choose 5 GHz in the Config AP Band section.

Google Voice Search from Lock Screen

Google Voice can be enabled now even when your phone is locked. To get a quick access to it simply swipe from left to right on your Android M’s device lock screen.

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