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AirDroid 3 – Manage Android Devices From A PC


With AirDroid, you will access and manage your smartphone from any computer, being able to view your app notifications, send SMS texts, transfer files and to do many other things. The AirDroid 3 version has a web client and it’s also supported by phones running on Android and computers running on Windows and Mac.

To use AirDroid, you should connect both your smartphone and PC to the same WiFi network, but you can connect your phone through a remote connection as well, in case you’re not at home.

Here are the features of AirDroid:

– you will receive notifications when an event is happening on your Android device, such as when a new song starts playing;
– you will use your computer to read, reply to and compose messages, and if you’ll use the desktop client you will quick reply from notifications;
– you will view your contacts as a list and manage them;
– you will click on Answer / mute / dismiss calls, but you won’t be able to talk from your computer, as on a Mac or iOS device with Continuity;
– you will transfer files from your Android phone to your PC and vice versa and with the Premium account you will transfer files with a size of up to 1GB on desktop clients and 100MB on the web version.
– you will manage your photos, music, videos or any other multimedia file;
– you will share items via clipboard;
– if your phone gets stolen or lost, you will find it and remotely ring it, lock it or even wipe it, in the worst case. With this premium feature you can even take a photo of the thief and hand it over to the police;
– if you opt for the free account, you will manage only one Android device, while with the premium account you will manage up to 6 devices.

Getting the Android screen on the computer

AirMirroring is a new feature in AirDroid 3 which will mirror the smartphone’s screen on the computer’s screen, but you will need to use only the desktop clients, your computer and Android smartphone (running on at least version 4.0, but not on 5.0) must be connected to the same wireless network. When using this feature, you will notice a slight lag between your phone and your PC screen and the scrolling and transitions are not very smooth. In the video we’ll post below you will see how AirMirroring is working:

The developers are trying to improve this application, especially the connection stability of AirMirror, the smoothness and image quality of this feature, so that the users will have a better experience.

If you’ll choose the Premium account, you will pay $2 per month, $20 per year or $39 per two years.