As each year passes, Apple and Google come up with new mobile operating systems. Last year the two rolled out iOS 8 and Android 5.0 Lollipop respectively.

This year, the two are at it again, with Apple moving on with the next iteration, iOS 9. Google on the other hand has only mentioned the current code name of the OS, which is Android M. However, there is no hint on what dessert the new OS will be named after.

Apple will unveil the upcoming iOS 9 at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference that will be held in San Francisco from next week, going on for five days beginning June 8. According to rumors, this new Apple OS is much more stable than any current Apple OS and it checks on the issue of space considering the fact that iOS devices come without expandable memory.

This new iOS 9 will come in a bunch of new features as well as improvements. Among these is the most anticipated feature of being able to support split-screen multitasking. Google’s Android M on the other hand is also expected to come in with some few improvements as well as new features, with the most anticipated one being the Android Pay and support for Android Wear.

Android M and expected features

Google is moving a step forward with the issue of security of web browsing. In Android 5.1 Lollipop, a new layer of security was added where users could lock their devices with the help of their Google account. This renders the device useless when stolen as this person must provide the initial Google credentials in order to use this device, even if they carry out a factory reset.

When Android M comes out, this security layer will even be better as the OS will allow users to log into apps without entering passwords. Once the password is provided in the initial stage, all apps will open as long as they are supported by Android M. This will ensure the password remains safe and free from unwanted access.

Android M will also feature the Nest software which will help in connecting home gadgets. This is a way to take on Apple’s recent venture into the smart home services. Furthermore, Android M will also include support for Android Wear, with major improvements coming in for smartwatches’ notifications as well as integration of Google Now.

Google will also be expected to venture into the new generation vehicles and integrate Android Auto software by the time 2016 comes around. The driver will be able to fully control the car’s entertainment system, messaging, mapping and many other services in a stand-alone setup. Android Pay mobile payment system is also another major addition to this new Android M, which is expected to offer great rivalry to the newly introduced Apple Pay.

iOS 9 and expected features

There are good chances that the new iOS 9 will be available for download this Fall, however, the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference is expected to reveal more about this OS. According to reports, users of older iOS devices, for instance iPad Mini and iPhone 4S will be able to use this iOS 9 after they were left out of the previous iOS 8 upgrade. One reason this will be possible is that Apple will be rolling out an optimized version that takes up very little of your iPhone or iPad’s storage space.

Apple is also expected to launch two new smartphone models – iPhone 6S and another bigger variant, iPhone 6S Plus. These two will represent a major milestone in Apple’s smartphone world as they will for the first time feature double the usually available RAM of 1GB. This means much better performance even when multitasking. There is a new feature known as ‘Home’ which will let iOS 9 users control third party apps and services right from their homes with the help of smart apps on their phones.

Apple will make some changes in the looks of iOS 9 and if rumors are to be believed, we will see as new font known as San Francisco added to the Apple Watch. You will no longer get lost when using iOS 9 as the OS will come with a new Transit feature that helps users stay on course in cities using public transport.

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