The older generation iPhone 5S continues to sell in several markets across the world, alongside the latest iPhone 6.

This is largely because Apple still believes that there is a market for foreign smartphones, despite the overwhelming response given to the iPhone 6 and – to a certain extent – the iPhone 6 Plus. The Xperia Z3 is a model that makes some minute increments over the predecessor, Xperia Z2, but the changes infuse a new life into the device.


Weighing in at just 112 g, the iPhone 5S is one of the lightest smartphones in the market. It is also an extremely competent device with many feeling that the only disadvantage being the 4 inch display. On a positive note, this smaller display can also be the biggest advantage to the device at a time when phones have gone beyond the possibility of being a one-handed device. The Xperia Z3 can also be criticized for this aspect. The 5.2 inch display on the Sony device is extremely good to look at, but it also makes the phone difficult to handle with one hand.


Sony tries to make a way around this by reducing the thickness of the device to just 7.3 mm. This is lower than the figure achieved by the iPhone 5S, although the model from Apple is significantly older compared to the Sony product. In the past, memory has been a critical aspect of the Apple products since there was no way to expand it further, once purchased. It continues to be a hindrance even now, since the iPhone 5S does not come with expandable storage. The Xperia Z3 does offer this feature like many other Sony phones, but the internal memory provided is not really competent by today’s standards.


One can choose between 16 and 32 GB and this marks an end of the options when it comes to internal memory on the Xperia Z3. However, the internal capacity ranges up to 64 GB on the iPhone 5S. This vast amount of memory may be necessary in order to take advantage of the phone’s imaging capabilities. Even though the Xperia Z3 comes with a 20 megapixel camera, it appears to be down on quality compared to the eight megapixel pictures produced by the iPhone 5S. However, some of the features on this camera may be slightly disappointing. Chief among them is the ability to record only 720p videos from the front facing camera.


Both devices come with fairly large batteries – for the size of the display that they provide – and one can expect excellent battery life, but it is the Sony product that excels between the two. The non-user replaceable batteries certainly benefit the Xperia Z3 which can withstand water, whereas the iPhone 5S cannot. Prices of the Xperia Z3 have reduced after the launch of a new version. The device now costs around $470 while the iPhone 5S is priced at around $500 for the version with 16 GB of storage.

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