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Chrome Beta v44 Free Download – New Enhancements and Improvements


The current upgrade that Chrome is submitted to is pretty amazing and comes packed with features that all developers have been waiting for. We are already used to checking out all kinds of tweaks, but for some reason this time is different. This new update is targeting APIs. The Chrome Beta v44 rolls out brand new features for notices and comes with some new banners and alters the Push API as well.

Check out the new additions down below:

Solves the multi-column design – those multi-column formations have been changed and it is clearly noticeable. The major problem here was concerning the incorrect widths that would force the columns out of the overall page layout. But currently Google has a sample available which users can use to verify all of Chrome’s newest and former versions.

Push notices – The new Chrome v42 rolled out a support for Push API. The v44 update came along with its own implementations regarding the API. The getNotifications feature can now be used to save the information/data right next to the alerts. This will come quite in handy for all developers, because they will be able to see notices that are being clicked on and will be able to reply to each one of them separately.

Major enhancements ‘to add to homescreen’ – Each time a user clicks on an “add to homescreen banner”, the developer can actually trace it. Due to the before install prompt, each time a banner is clicked on, the developers can figure out when the users are adding the web app link and if it is added or not in the launcher.

The native app install banners – These native app install banners are also getting this feature. Don’t be shocked when hearing about this, because Google forgot to spill the beans on this feature, which was implemented in Chrome beta v43. This will permit you to quickly set-up any applications directly from the Play Store, simply by clicking on the banner. There have been lots of other versions of this installment, but none of them pins onto this ‘add to homescreen’. We are looking forward to seeing more fine points regarding this feature, because it will come in handy for both users and developers alike.

Property names now available in JavaScript – Creating a JS code from scratch? If you need to delineate property names, you can easily choose a pattern which will figure out a name.