The internet has been boiling in the past months, being filled with rumors about the alleged Fallout 4 game whose existence wasn’t confirmed by Bethesda until now, when the company released an official trailer for it. The retro-future apocalypse RPG will probably be presented at the annual video game conference (E3), which will start on June 16, and which will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Fallout 4 2

Bethesda has been torturing its fans by not giving them any details about the development of this highly wanted game, but instead, the company teased them with a countdown which ended on June 3 at exactly 3pm BST, when the website of Fallout 4 went live. A trailer of the new game delighted the fans who have been waited for so long for a continuation of the Fallout 3, and they were fascinated by the atmosphere in the game, and most important, they saw a pre and post-war America, starting with year 1950, when the nuclear detonations started and the people headed into the Vaults to save their lives. Also, the trailer contains visual elements of the post-apocalypse devastation, but you can see more below:

There’s a dog that the players will have to take for a long ride and at the end of the trailer, the Vault Dweller seems with be equipped with a trusty PipBoy. Even if Bethesda didn’t say anything about the location, from the images we can guess that the action takes place in a destroyed Scollay Square located in Boston.

Fallout 4 will be released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and the pre-orders can be made in the UK via the Fallout 4 website, from Amazon and Game. In the US, the game will be pre-ordered from Amazon and Gamestop. We’re pretty sure that the developers worked hard on improving this game, because from the trailer we drew the conclusion that the graphics look much better on this sequel. We can’t wait to see if Bethesda will bring Fallout 4 at the E3 event!

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