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Google I/O 2015 Provides an Early Glimpse at the New Android M


Less than a few months after rolling out the Android Lollipop, Google is again rolling out a new version of this OS codenamed Android M.

This is just one of the many sensational revelations that dominated the recent Google I/O 2015.

According to Google, the new Android M has gone back to the basics, with the main focus of this upgrade being on polishing it as well as quality. In these aspects there includes numerous bug fixes as well as minor tweaks that are aimed at making this mobile OS much better than the current Android Lollipop version. During the launch of Android M, Google showcased a number of new additions and improvements that the new OS will come with and some of them have been highlighted in the next section.

Customizable app permissions

The new Android M, just as many tech pundits had expected, comes with customizable app permissions. What this means is that the developers can now come up with apps that ask for permissions only when necessary, rather than the usual procedure, where multiple permissions are requested during downloading of apps from the Google Play Store.

An example is WhatsApp, which asks for lots of permissions when downloading this messaging app. In the case of Android M, they will get these permissions on a case by case basis. For instance, there is no need of WhatsApp having access to the microphone when you are sending text messages. Instead, the app will ask to access the microphone on instances when you want to send a voice message only. These permissions can then be modified via the settings menu.

Android M to incorporate Chrome Custom Tabs

When Android M is finally launched, the users of this OS will enjoy much improved display of web content within apps. One thing is that is for sure with Android M is you will no longer be redirected to a web browser or asked to open a link using an installed web browser when you tap on a link inside any app.

On the other hand, this new version of Android will come with Chrome Custom Tabs. These tabs allow the developers to fully harness the power of Chrome, where it runs on top of apps without altering the look and feel of the application in the background. In essence, the tabs will be transparent.

More seamless linking between apps

Google has also promised more seamless linking between apps. Rather than a dialogue box popping up requesting for some kind of permission, you will head direct to the Facebook app whenever you click on a link that appears in your email, for example.

Smart power management

The Android Lollipop users and those on the previous versions have often complained about power hogs. There are some features on these operating systems that gobble up power; however, Android M will take care of this issue with a feature known as Doze.

Doze is a smart power management tool that makes use of Android M’s motion detection abilities to see whether the device is not in use. If so, all the background activity goes into sleep, thus preserving the battery life. This will help save power even when in standby since the current OS will keep running apps in the background even when in this mode.

Android Pay to be integrated

One of the most anticipated features of Android M is Android Pay. This feature works no different from Apple Pay. Users will have to use it on an Android Pay supported machine or any NFC supported terminal. Android M will also include a standard fingerprint scanner to help with authentication matters of the Android Pay feature during purchases.