The iOS has come a long way and now that it is considered the best mobile OS available today, more and more people keep jumping onto this bandwagon.

The OS keeps receiving new features and improving its services to the users. This is something that has increased its user base from just being concentrated in the U.S. and now China and other parts of Europe are among the leading consumers of Apple devices. One problem with these users is that literally none of them is ever willing to get deeper and access the iPhone or iPad in depth. However, the few who do are full of praise for the many hidden features that this OS comes with, some of which are so useful that you cannot do without them after you discover them.

Using Speech Selection

Apple is best known for its voice assistant Siri. While you might be aware of its services, there are good chances you don’t fully utilize this amazing feature. Siri can do anything that is in front of her. All you need is to do is to turn on Speech Selection via “Settings>General>Accessibility>Speech.” Siri will tell you more than you need to know, including the type of plane that is flying above you. You can also take her through some lessons of pronunciation so that she doesn’t miss on anything you say. In short, Siri can do literally anything that you do manually on your phone, just ask and you will receive.

Changing ringtones and sounds

It is obvious that you can easily change your ringtone as well as the sounds of your messages or alarm. You have the option of using the default tones and sounds or get your own custom tones to use. iOS 8 also allows users to set a different ringtone for each person in your contacts list. You also have the option of using silent mode such that your phone only vibrates during incoming calls. To customize your iOS vibrations, simply go via the path “Settings>Sounds>Ringtone>Vibration>Create New Vibration.”

Other hidden iOS features

The iOS platform is quite amazing with its features and with this feature to secretly take photos and videos, you can become paparazzi. You can also play around with the calculator app where rather than deleting digits by pressing buttons; you only need to swipe on these digits. Users of iOS can also turn on the Grayscale mode via the General Accessibility settings and introduce a classic setting in the display.

There are literally tons of hidden features in the iOS platform and if you can’t take your time to dig further, you may end up never realizing the full potential of the best mobile OS in the market today.

Technology Hidden iOS Features You Probably Didn’t Know About