During the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) from Shanghai, team Pangu has showed the upcoming jailbreak for iOS 8.3. This was confirmed by the Pangu team member Daniel_K4 over Weibo, the Chinese social network website.

There are not many details about the moment when the iOS 8.3 jailbreak will be released for the public, but there are rumors saying that this will happen as soon as Apple will release the final version of iOS 8.4 to public.

It seems that Apple was about to release the iOS 8.4 tomorrow, on June 8, right after the WWDC keynote, but it seems that they’ve decided to delay it a bit. According to 9to5Mac website, iOS 8.4 will be released later this month.

iOS 8.4 is expected to be released with a new Music application, which will include a revamped streaming service that will be based on the current Beats Music. At the same time, there are rumors saying that a well known bug that was crashing the Messages application on Watch OS and iOS will be fixed.

There is no confirmation if the Pangu jailbreak that was demonstrated during MOSEC will be compatible with the upcoming iOS 8.4. However it’s almost certain that chances for it to work with the iOS 9 are very close to none. According to Apple, the iOS 9 will be released with “rootless” security measure, which will make the jailbreak a very difficult task.

Stefan Esser, also known as i0n1c, demonstrated that iOS 8.4 can be jailbroken, but that was while his iPhone 6 was running the iOS 8.4 BETA 1, which means that the developers might have fixed that security “fissure”.

We will keep you updated with everything that will happen with both iOS 8.4 (release date) and the upcoming iOS 8.3 jailbreak that Pangu will release sometime soon.

Will you jailbreak your device that runs on iOS 8.3 when the Pangu team will release the tools?

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