Have you heard the good news? Apparently, the launch date for pre-ordering the Apple iPhone devices have been divulged in a memo.

Apple’s iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus one will be marked down in the UK. This is said to happen on the 25th of September, based on an email which basically let it slip and of course this was immediately spotted by Mobile News. “The new iPhone” as it is written in the famous memo, can be pre-ordered starting with the 18th of September, but the officially launch of the device will take place on the 25th of the same month.

Based on what the email, we can only presume that this “new iPhone” they were referring to is either the iPhone 6S but it can also be the iPhone 7. No one knows what to think and some are keeping their fingers crossed and are hoping that it’s the latter device.

As far as the upgrades are concerned, they are presumed to include camera major enhancements. Well this is what the famous John Gruber blogger predicts. Some other upgrades regarding the wireless charging method should also be on their way. And of course, the devices will operate on A9 chipset (made by Samsung) and maybe just maybe more RAM will be added as well to enhance the processing.

The iPhone 6S may also be submitted to other enhancements, concerning its hardware. The new iPhone 6s on the other hand may also roll out with the Force Touch element. What does this imply? Well, this cool feature will be able to”tell” when you are using your finger to tap with more or less force. Neat, isn’t it?

As far as the iPhone 7 is concerned, it will also be fired-up by a A9 chip, it may have 2GB RAM and it could come with sapphire looking glass and a frame that is made from some sort of liquid metal. Still not impressed? The rear camera may be a 14 MP one and the front snapper a 4 MP one.

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