The LG G4 is certainly one of the top 3 smartphones in 2015.

But what is more important, it is actually one of the most accessible phones on the market. Nowadays, people with different kind of disabilities are able to use smartphones, thanks to the fact that the manufacturers put in huge efforts into designing a phone that helps even the disabled people. And since the LG G4 is marketed as a phone for everyone, it certainly helps its cause that it has many accessibility features.

How to Manage Accessibility?

The accessibility settings of the LG G4 are broken into three different categories, all related to a different kind of an issue and disability. The three categories are hearing, sight and motor/cognitive. To enter and manage the accessibility settings, go to General Settings and scroll down until you get to Accessibility. Once you enter the menu, you will see the three different categories, plus some basic and general accessibility options.

Sight Accessibility

Some of the options that are possible in the Sight Accessibility menu include TalkBack, Message and Call Notifications, Screen Shade, Touch Zoom and Screen Color Inversion. TalkBack is an option that provides spoken feedback for the users. As you go through the menu on your phone, you are always getting feedback what is on the screen and similar information. Message and Call Notifications can be turned on to receive spoken info about the caller and read messages out loud. Screen Shade can be turned on, dimming the backlight and allowing people with visual disabilities to save battery power. Touch Zoom allows you to zoom the screen by triple tapping. As for the other features, they are designed for adjusting the color, which is helpful for people with vision defects, not total blindness.

Hearing Accessibility

In this menu, you can totally turn off the sound to preserve battery power on your LG G4 and choose to use the notifications and flash LED for notifications such as incoming calls, messages and similar. The users can also choose between mono and stereo sound. For people that have hearing problems just on one ear, they can choose to shift the sound balance.

Motor and Cognitive

In this menu, the users can choose to lengthen the feedback time of the touch screen, as well as limit the areas of the phone, where the screen touch works. Limiting the screen touch control can be also be adjusted for certain applications which helps when people need a safe spot for grip of the phone. The G4 has a Touch Assistant, a feature that shows a touch board with easy access for common actions.

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