The functionality is shifting gears with the acceptability of smartwatches by potential smartphone users.

Being stylish and smartly-crafted gadgets, smartwatches are a convenient tool that keeps a smartphone user updated with the happenings in his/her smartphone. While many companies are coming up with smart wrist-wears, big names like Samsung, Motorola and Sony are dominating in the Android section. Samsung Galaxy Gear, Moto 360 and Sony SmartWatch 3 are three of the best budget smartwatches. But which one of these is the ultimate dominator? Let’s find out!


The three branded smartwatches are designed to assist the Android smartphones. These watches are of no use for the owners of the Apple devices. With that said, the Samsung Gear is compatible with the Android 2.3 or higher but lesser than the Android 4.1. In simpler words, this device doesn’t support smartphones that run on the Android Jelly Bean or newer versions.

Apart from this, the Moto 360 as well as the SmartWatch 3 is compatible with the Android 4.3 (KitKat). However, there is a slight difference between the two. While the Moto 360 supports the Android version 4.3 or above, the SmartWatch 3 supports the Android 4.1 and above. Therefore, the Sony device is compatible with all smartphones running on the Android 4.1+ versions.

Winner: Sony SmartWatch 3


Wrist-wears come with a series of sensors to facilitate several activities and operations. To begin with Samsung Gear, this device has only one sensor, i.e. multi-touch. Being the oldest of the three devices, there are not many offerings in the sensors section of this wrist-wear.

When it comes to Moto 360, the users can find the presence of three sensors – heart rate monitor, pedometer and touch functionality. The heart rate monitor is an effective offering for sporty users. The SmartWatch 3 has four sensors – compass, GPS, gyrometer and ambient light sensor. Therefore, the SmartWatch wins in terms of the number game!

Winner: Sony SmartWatch 3

Digital Display

The Motorola wrist-wear has a round dial, whereas the other two devices have rectangular dial. In terms of size, Moto 360 has 1.56-inch screen. In contrast, the Galaxy Gear and the SmartWatch 3 have 1.63-inch and 1.6-inch screen respectively. Therefore, the Galaxy Gear offers the largest screen among the three devices.

Coming to the resolution, the Moto 360 has 320 x 290 pixels resolution for its small screen. On the other hand, the Galaxy Gear as well as the SmartWatch 3 has 320 x 320 pixels. Furthermore, the Samsung device has an AMOLED screen; the Moto 360 has a LCD screen and the Sony wrist-wear features a transflective display. The Motorola and the Sony device come loaded with anti-scratch lens; which is absent in the Galaxy Gear.

Winner: Sony SmartWatch 3

Overall, the third generation Sony SmartWatch offers the best configuration among the three branded wrist-wears. When price comes into the play, the Moto 360 is the most expensive option as it costs $250. In comparison, the SmartWatch 3 costs $245 whereas the Galaxy Gear can be bagged for as low as $199.

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