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Skype for Web Beta Download – Farewell Desktop Client


Currently, Skype allows users to renounce to their desktop software and opt for the Skype for Web beta. Skype for Web was revealed in the fall as a beta variant for a restricted number of people. But now, this can be tested by other individuals from the UK and US. It mirrors the desktop option and it comes packed with the audio calls and video chats and of course the message element. By using the Skype directory, one can easily browse through their contacts. And not to worry, you will still get to have the desktop notices.

The web variant however lacks a few options when it comes to systematizing and organizing the contact list. And another minor inconvenient is the fact that users can’t alter their “mood”. But if you’re not really interested in these features and you wish to focus solely on keeping in touch with your loved ones, then it should work as a charm.

If you want to have the web variant of Skype, you must set up the plug-in (this is if you are interested in the voice &video calls). Chromebook enthusiasts should know that unfortunately they will only have access to the message feature, at least for the time being. But, Skype is working hard to implement a WebRTC of this web app, so that ChromeBook users won’t need that plug-in. Note: This app version doesn’t work on Microsoft Edge.

And one more thing: When you use the app, the following notice for tracking cookies will pop up ”analytics, personalized content, and ads” which you concur with automatically. Just a basic procedure which has to be done. So, be prepared to see plenty of advertisements while using this version.

The desktop variant might come in handy if you’re using Skype on a regular basis, but for some this is not a practical choice. That is why the web app variant is a good initiative not to mention an efficient one.