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WhatsApp Voice Calling For Windows Phone Download – Beta App Receives Free VoIP


Even though the WhatsApp voice call element has been up for grabs for a while now for Blackberry, Android and iOS users, Windows Phone users has been left out. But this is no longer the case since the beta version is currently accessible for those using Windows Phone.

The voice call element is still not ready to be used on the original version because it is currently handy solely on the beta variant of the app. Those who are part of the WhatsApp beta testing team can really take advantage of this. WM Power User states that when you one initiate a VoIP call using the newest beta app, dubbed 2.12.40, the interface that will pop-up will mirror the voice call interface of the Windows Phone. According to the latter source, the VoIP feature has already been submitted to several verifications. The results show that the quality of the voice call is excellent, especially if these calls are initiated on a good bandwidth network.

The WMPU issued a post back in April and claimed that all hands are on deck in the WhatsApp crew to bring the voice call feature to Windows Phone devices. So try to be patient a little while longer as this cool feature will soon be available for Windows Phone enthusiasts.

At first, the voice call element for those operating on Android came out under the form of an invite. But later on, this was at hand for all enthusiasts, so everybody could give it a go. But so far, those who are not beta testers cannot access the VoIP feature. Ubergizmo is pretty convinced that this beta version will roll out soon for all users. Even with so many other IM apps out there, such as Line, Viber or the famous Skype one, WhatsApp seems to be the number one choice for 800 million people.