WhatsApp is no longer an issue to use on PCs. Using WhatsApp Web, it is now possible to send and receive instant messages using a desktop.

So, what really is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp is a PC-based client that is simply an extension of the WhatsApp Messenger. All the messages that are sent and received on WhatsApp Web are synced with the phone app and vice versa are also true. What the latter statement means is that whatever messaging action that happens on the web client or phone client will be visible on either platform. This synchronization takes place automatically and as such, you don’t have to go through any hassles of manually syncing the two platforms.

WhatsApp Web uses the same WhatsApp account

When setting up WhatsApp Web, you don’t need an extra account. The client makes use of the same account as that of the phone app, only that it offers you two different platforms to access your messages. This makes the whole process of connecting with your friends very easy.

Requirements of installing WhatsApp Web for iOS

The first thing you need to have before you can install WhatsApp Web on your PC is an active WhatsApp account on your iPhone. Furthermore, you must ensure that both your phone and PC are connected to a proper internet connection. On your PC, you must be using any of Chrome, Opera or Firefox as the default web browser or rather to access WhatsApp Web.

Setting up and getting started

The first thing you must do before you can setup WhatsApp Web for iOS on your PC is to jailbreak your iPhone. This process is only possible with devices installed with the iOS 8.1.2 and before. Once this process is over, move over to Cydia and find an application known as WhatsApp Enabler. Install this tweak and after the installation is done, launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.

In the settings of WhatsApp you’ll notice a new WhatsApp Web option, tap on it and a QR code scanner will launch. Once this QR code scanner appears on your iPhone, go over to your PC and launch any of the above named browsers. Point the browser to web.whatsapp.com and from there; scan the QR code that appears on the page using the QR code scanner on your iPhone. You will immediately be logged in and you will see that the WhatsApp interface appears on the screen.

Remember that you can log out of WhatsApp Web whenever you are done using it. This can be done from the browser or using the phone’s settings.

WhatsApp Web does not offer all the services and features that WhatsApp for iOS offers. All you get is to type faster on a larger keyboard and view larger pictures. Apart from this, WhatsApp Web does not offer features like voice calling, changing of status and profile pictures and other settings. All of these must be done from the iPhone app. Remember for the PC client to work both your iPhone and Mac must be connected to the internet.

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