The Samsung Tab 4 is one of the numerous iterations available of Samsung tablets, but this largely focuses on the iPad.

Since the arrival of the iPad Air, Samsung tablets have had to take a hit. This new device is an attempt at plugging the holes. It also comes to overcome the iPad Air by offering some novel features like a display that is larger than 10 inches. Since the iPad has always featured only a 9.7 inch display, but it has taken pride in offering excellent resolution.


It may not be the case with the Samsung Tab 4, which offers a paltry 149 pixels per inch. This makes the display looks rather disappointing even with the large size offered. The iPad Air not only has slimmer bezels, but it also manages to take full advantage of the high resolution on offer. The device provides a pixel density of more than 250 PPI which should be more than sufficient even for watching high definition movies.


Memory is rather limited on the Samsung Tab 4. The device only has 16 GB of storage on-board with memory cards being the only way of expanding this capacity. Samsung itself does not offer other alternatives like Apple does on the iPad Air. The iPad Air is offered in four different memory options with the least being 16 GB and the maximum being 128 GB. The availability of numerous options makes it easy to choose a product in a specific price point. However, it should be carefully chosen since memory cannot be expanded later using memory cards.


Apple has not made much changes to the camera hardware over the years and the Apple iPad Air is not different. It features a five megapixel camera in the back while a 1.2 megapixel camera does the job in the front. The rear camera is capable of full HD recording while the pictures continue to retain the quality that Apple cameras are always known for. The front facing camera may be seen as a disappointing aspect of the device by some since it is only 720p ready at a time when the world is moving towards 4K videos.


The iPad Air runs the iOS 7 using the dual core processor, which is more than sufficient even though it is clocked at just 1.3 GHz. Even then, the operating system can be upgraded to the latest 8.3 version. The same cannot be said of the Galaxy Tab 4. Despite the device offering a quad core 1.2 GHz processor, it is only capable of running the older 4.4 version of Android. The operating system is unlikely to receive an update to the 5.0 version, which brings a lot of significant improvements, especially in terms of the design. Stocks of the iPad Air that are still available are priced around $350 for the 16 GB variant with only Wi-Fi connectivity. The Samsung product, meanwhile, is priced even lower at around $ 190 for the base versions.

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