Showbox APK is a controversial app that allows people to watch current TV shows for free. However, using this app is unethical if not illegal and Showbox APK should be avoided at all costs.

First of all, it is unfair to those who pay their cable company every month in order to watch the movies and TV shows that Showbox APK users watch for free. In fact, because no company will condone the use of it, Android device owners cannot download the app from the Google Play Store. There are many unauthorized websites that offer the free download for this controversial app.

When people use Showbox APK to watch TV shows and movies the people who made those TV shows and movies don’t benefit from it, which many people will argue constitutes stealing. It is the equivalent of people downloading MP3s for free so that the artists that recorded the songs they are downloading won’t see a dime yet people still get to enjoy their music.

Aside from using this app being an unethical thing to do people should not download it because apps like this one can often cause damage to a person’s computer before they even realize what happened. Showbox is a file sharing service and these services are notorious for ruining computers because hackers will not hesitate to install undetected viruses in them. These viruses can be caught by anyone using the app and may even infect a user’s computer so much that people in their email contact lists can end up having the same virus on their computers as a result.

Another reason not to use Showbox is that apps that allow you to stream or download movies and TV shows often slow down your mobile device or at the very least, use up all your data and eat away at your device’s battery life. When watching a show or movie is as easy as turning on the TV it is hard to see why anyone would prefer to download an app to watch them instead.

Being a fairly new app, users won’t know what kind of effect it might have on their laptop computers and other mobile devices. This also makes using the app quite a risk and one that many people are not willing to take. Any other argument for not downloading this app probably doesn’t hold as much weight with users as this one does.

There have been some issues with the app, according to those who already use it. Some have said that after the first couple downloads the app stopped working for them. This proves that there are bugs in the app that make it not worth downloading.

For all of these reasons the Showbox APK app should not be downloaded by Android users. Between its questionable practice and its instability Android users are better off simply turning on their TV to watch a show or movie and setting their DVR to record it.

  • erikabeg

    who needs showbox when u got popcorn time? i downloaded my popcorn time from works perfect!

  • jgadfly

    I download it, from the #Amazon App Store…

  • Christian Dean Brooks

    So not only is this article written like a high school rant, but you just sit here and throw your piss in every direction without so much as a credible source for anything you’ve said.
    Your points so far are
    1.) It’s not fairrrrrrrrr.
    You sound like a child
    2.) Something bad COULD happen.
    You dont even have anything to back up this up….??? No claims, no evidence, not even the a story about how you knew somebody that it happened to. Your just throwing bullshit out in the wind.
    3.) Uses all your data and eats all your battery life.
    Phone charger and wifi.

    Please try and writ a little more professionally if you expect any kind of audience for this poor whiny article.

  • Kaos

    You’re an idiot.

  • Kaos

    You’re an idiot.

  • lili

    Thank you, because I didn’t know this app, now I will try.

  • Mascha Claessens

    Sometimes I do have the urge to get an app like this, for I live in Europe and (legally) miss out on SO many great (US) tv shows. When (a) these shows do not air on tv here, and (b) are not put on Netflix, and (c) do not even get released on DVD/BR (!), I ALMOST feel like I have the right to watch them in another way.

    • Kopy Kat

      showbox is the answer to a, b, c.

      • Mascha Claessens

        I know, it is 😛 The Showbox app is great. But I try to use it only for shows that are really hard to get your hands on here. That’s the case for many shows though…

        • Kopy Kat

          ya, I feel the same in getting my hands on that small Italian car too…just close your eyes start tapping…

  • Kopy Kat

    what an idiot! blah blah blah without any technical knowledge, take a hike to your philosophy class!

  • Daniel Brought

    This idiot lol. Meanwhile Captain America Civil war movie passed a billion dollars on box office. lm sure they wont miss out on a few people watching it for free.

  • Ralph Gittens

    Guess what Einstein.. Nobody cares anymore what these apps can do to their devices because we can easily root the device and do everything all over again. And that’s after two years or so and IF the app happens to crash which It won’t. You are obviously in cahoots with the bigwigs trying to clamp down on us paying customers.we pay for our internet service ergo we pay for our streaming ergo we are not stealing when we watch our shows and movies on showbox or any other online streaming site. If there were a medal for being an idiot, you would be the ultimate winner. Idiot!

  • TKL

    So’s safe to say no one’s device has imploded?

  • Gerald Khan

    The cable companies for years have been illegally broadcasting material and charging customers also so what a stupid argument

  • Combi


    1. The movie makers already made a profit at the box office. If they didn’t then the film was crap.

    2. Listening to mp3 music you don’t own is no different to listening to music on a radio and recording that, which is legal, which means the artist already makes a profit. If they don’t their music is crap.

    3. If the app caused viruses then it would not be popular but it is so it’s not crap.

    4. The cable providers and television channels beam ‘crap’ 24/7.

    5. The app is not crap because you can find films and shows which are hard to find because they are not crap.

    6. The big eye in this article shows you are in cahoots with The Illuminati which means you are crap.