The internet has seized almost every aspect of our lives. Our personal information keep hovering the internet anyhow thanks to the many websites and apps that we sign up for.

In essence, there is a lot of data that is stored on the web and if not secured properly, it can be accessed by the wrong persons and who knows what they’ll do with it. One way of dealing with this situation is ensuring that your Android device is highly secured. In this way, you will be sure that your data is safe whenever you visit any site or use any app on your Android phone.

Google is aware of the fact that there are lots of malicious people on the web looking for any form of information which they use for their personal benefits. It may be financial, health, your photos, passwords and any other piece of personal information that you wouldn’t want it to get out to the public. It is for this reason the company advises all the users to take into account the tips that are discussed in this article regarding keeping the Android devices safe and secure.

Using lockscreen password

Securing your Android phone with a password is the most basic way of ensuring your data stays on your phone and only you can access it. In most cases, users ignore this procedure as they consider it cumbersome and painfully time wasting. Better still, it is important to secure your data with this first line of security as it may prevent the most basic way of losing data.

Backing up data

There is no better way of ensuring your Android device is safe, than keeping a backup of all your important files in a cloud. In case your device experiences any failures, restoring this data will be very easy and fast. You can use Google Drive to back up your files or try other services like Titanium, Ultimate Backup and My Backup.

Using encryption

Encryption is one technology Nexus devices are taking advantage of. These devices encrypt their settings such that no other person can access the data within. However, this service is only available on devices running on at least the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Just head to the security settings of your phone and you’ll see the encryption page.

Other Android security tips

Android devices heavily depend on the Google Play Store for downloading apps and games. However, it is also possible to install apps and games from other sites other than the Play Store. But if you want to keep your device safe, it is recommended that you always install software from the Google Play Store, unless you trust the third party site you are downloading the app from.

It is also very important to make use of the Android Device Manager if you want to keep your Android phone or tablet secure. This is especially if you lose it as this manager allows you to lock it remotely, find where it’s located as well as wipe the data on the device. After erasing the data, you can still lock it and render it useless to the person who has it. It is important that you never skip Google’s authentication process as it will keep your phone and other services including e-mail clients safe and secure.

Technology Essential Tips for Keeping Your Android Phone Secure