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Evernote – 'The Everything App' Available For Download Now

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Evernote is one of my favorite apps on my phone.  It is more then just a productivity app; in fact, it is more representative of an electronic memory bank.  The application is my go-to app for everything from saving passwords to saving information from the web for future use.  This application has every tool possible for free, so that you do not have to remember every little detail mentally.  One example of this is the ability to create multiple notebooks with sub notebooks.  This means that you can create a virtual locker of information that holds endless possibilities.  Want to keep track of your financial information?  You can do it with Evernote.  Simply create a folder named financial.  Then, create subcategories that fall under this, such as end of life documents, retirement information, or student loans.  In each notebook or sub notebook you can also create notes.  These notes can hold just text, attachments, and even images.  This allows you to store and organize your documents and thoughts in any way you want.  Thus, the beauty of Evernote is the sheer flexibility it offers to allow you to store information in the way that is best for you!  This makes it true go-to app.

The Evernote Ecosystem

Evernote is more than just for organizing and retrieving information. It has the ability to expand your productivity and how the app functions.  This includes the interaction it has with other applications.  For example, if you want to save a webpage to a notebook, you can use Evernote clipper in your browser.  In addition, if you want to take screen shots of important information and annotate it for an upcoming presentation, you can do so using a sister app called skitch.  Skitch syncs with Evernote with seamless integration.  Moreover, Evernote has the ability to use built in phone applications to help you capture information.  This includes using the phone’s camera to capture post it notes or whiteboards.  It also means being able to use the phone’s microphone to make verbal notes and save them.  All of these connections to other apps within the Evernote family or that keep you in the application itself make it one robust ecosystem.

The Cloud

Evernote takes advantage of cloud computing incredibly well.  It is one of my favorite aspects of the applications.  No matter what platform I am on I can use all of its features, which is amazing.  Even more amazing is that this is possible because of the use of the cloud.  Evernote syncs upon being opened on the platform you are on.  This means your notes are up to date, and any new notes or changes you make will be in the cloud and sync with the app on another device when you open it on this device.  This means you do not lose productivity time.  In addition, Evernote works with cloud based storage platforms like Evernote.  Thus, you can pull information from or into Dropbox, making your experience even more robust.  So, if you are not on your laptop, you can still use Evernote in conjunction with other cloud platforms to accomplish your Evernote task at hand.

No matter where you are or what you are trying to work on, Evernote is the best choice for a productivity application.  You will find its flexibility allows for personalization.  Moreover, the ecosystem of Evernote allows you to stay in the app and get your projects organized seamlessly.  As well as this, the use of the cloud allows for Evernote to be usable and fully functional in on any device in any location. Therefore, Evernote is the King Kong of productivity applications for personal or business around the globe.