Google has launched not one, but two email services for its users, but while Gmail has been around for ten years, being initially released for desktops, Inbox came in December 2014 as a better version of the classic application for Android and iOS. The extra features make the difference and, from now on, everyone will be able to install Inbox, after Google ended the invitation phase.

You can download Inbox for both Android and iOS devices and you will use it for free. If you don’t know much about the new application, in this article we’ll make a comparison between the old Gmail and the new Inbox email service.

The interface of Inbox has been improved significantly, because Google wanted to surprise its users with a premium look, which was adjusted according to the new times. So, when opening Inbox, you can notice that some messages are bundled together, and this feature is very useful because it combines certain types of emails (for example containing promotions or purchases) so that the users won’t need to go through all the messages to read their content, or to mark them as read or to delete them.

Inbox has another cool feature, which allows the users to snooze an email, for a certain time, when they will be notified again about the arrival of that message – in case, in that moment, they are too busy to read it.

And if you accidentally send an email or you have second thoughts and want to send it later, there’s the option to undo a sent email, but you have to move fast and undo it within a few seconds after the message has been sent.

Other features of Inbox that are worth mentioning:

– pinning emails
– setting reminders
– setting priority for emails
– creating email bundles etc.

However, not all users get used to email bundles from the first time and the first when they open the application can be a stressful experience for them. And that’s because they like to receive messages in chronological order, even if they need to go through the email history to look for a certain message.

But, they will surely like the swipe gestures which will allow them to mark an email as “Done” by swiping it to the right, or to “snooze” it by swiping it to the left.

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