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Google Hangouts Download On Android, iOS And Windows Phone – Best Tricks and Tips


Google combined three messaging products to create the final product: Google Hangouts. Before, the users had to opt between Google Talk and Google+ Messenger (previously known as Huddle) and to make video calls, they used Hangouts – the video chat system integrated within Google+. Google Hangouts came in 2013 with these features: instant messaging, SMS, video chat and VoIP calls. The application is free, but if you have a smartphone running on one of these platforms: Android, iOS or Windows Phone, you will need to have an internet connection, no matter if it’s 3G or if you’re using a wireless network. Google Hangouts has all the chances to become a powerful communication tool for businesses, so in this article, we’ll teach you how to get the best of this application.

Google Hangouts has many keyboard shortcuts which save you from unnecessary efforts to have quick access to different functions. You will activate or deactivate the microphone by pressing the question mark, you will browse the web faster and reach older chat messages with ease. Also, it’s easier to send a message to a contact by typing “/to” in front of the name of your friend.

When making voice calls, it’s recommendable to use headphones because the audio output is clearer than when using the laptop’s microphone speakers. Also, the screen sharing is another useful feature which lets other users see what you have on your computer screen. The feature can be activated by opening a Hangouts video call, then placing the mouse by the left side of the left side of the video call window, and when a bar with application icons will appear, you will click on Screenshare, choose the desktop or the window you want to share and, finally, click on Start Screenshare.

Google Hangouts supports VoIP calls, so you’ll be able to call other users for free, but you will sacrifice your mobile data and it depends on you if you want to make HD quality voice calls, or you prefer normal quality calls, to consume less data.