As expected, Google has presented a ton of new things on their annual Google I/O conference and one of them was Android M. The candy or sweet that will be used for this latest version of Android is still a mystery. Its working title is Android M and the public now knows about the vast majority of changes that will be available in the new version.

One of the first things that you will notice in Android M is the USB Type-C support. The users can choose a connection once they plug in their device depending on the source used for charging their device – a regular charger, additional battery or they want to connect to an external device like keyboard or they simply want to transfer files. Another thing that’s new is the support of this operating system for the fingerprint readers which some manufacturers have implemented in their newest devices, but this is the first time they are supported by Android. Google has also presented the competitor of Apple pay – Android Pay. This service has a similar functionality and enables payment over smartphones. Besides paying for and within apps, Android pay supports payments in more than 700.000 partner stores. Smartphone users that have the chance to use fingerprint readers will confirm the transaction with their fingerprints.

One of the novelties that come with Android M is the change in the way in which apps require permissions from users. So, instead of the long lists in which you can find literally everything that some app might need, with the new version of Android, the notifications will arrive only when needed, no matter if it is necessary to activate the mic, the camera or to locate the user. Doze is an option that allows deactivation of the sensors in case the device is static. In this case, the operating system will hold the sensors on standby which will result in drastically lower use of the battery. The good news is that the alarms and notifications will still be active in this case, so the users will be timely notified about any important events.

The predictions that Google will officially announce Google Photos at Google I/O have proven to be correct. The application allows easy alignment of images, editing and adding simple filters as well as creation of videos, GIF and collages. Google Photos has unlimited space for storing photos.

What is also good to mention is the fact that some improvements in Android Wear were also mentioned on this conference. For example, users can use one-hand gestures in order to use laptops. They have focused on improvement on the connection between smartwatches and other mobile devices. In addition, the new Android M comes with a saving mode that will allow notifications to arrive even when the screen is off. Google has unveiled its platform for the Internet of things. Brillo and Weave are based on Android and they enable connection of all smart devices.

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