Google keeps expanding in leaps and bounds and the latest addition to the mobile world is the Android M operating system.

This new Android M OS comes in with a bunch of improvements and new features as well. One of the newly added features is the Android Pay, which comes in to compete with the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Android Pay is a mobile payment option that is very simple to use.

Paying using Android Pay

Using the new Android Pay is a very easy task that does not need anyone to be savvy with tech appliances. All you need to do to make an Android Pay purchase is unlock your phone and simply wave it over an NFC or Android Pay-supported payment terminal. After a few seconds, you will get a confirmation message that the payment is complete.

Android Pay is simple and secure

According to Google developers, the new Android Pay is a payment system that is majorly focusing on simplicity of use, security of user information and choice as well. When talking up matters security of Android Pay, the VP of Android Engineering at Google Mr. Dave Burke said that this system will come up with a virtual account number for each card so that the real number of your credit card is not visible to anyone. It will also be possible to add loyalty card information and it will automatically be applied when making a purchase.

Android Pay is currently available in more than 700,000 stores, among them Nike and Best Buy. Furthermore, the system can be used by American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.

Android Pay to work with Android M, no news on compatibility with Android Lollipop

The new Android Pay system is set to debut with Android M, the next version of Android OS. This OS will come with a standard fingerprint scanner that will work perfectly with the new Android Pay purchases. Google also hinted at a forthcoming Target app which will let users shop and make payments using a fingerprint.

Even though Android Pay will work on any NFC-supported payment terminal, the fact that it will debut with Android M means that the system is currently only compatible with this OS. However, it is expected that Google will step in and include support for the Android Lollipop devices with support for NFC technology.

Google Wallet staying put

Even though Google is rolling out a new mobile payment system, the current mobile payment system, Google Wallet, will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Google Wallet received little success as not all major U.S. carriers supported it, instead opting for Isis, which later rebranded to Softcard to avoid any associations with the ISIS terrorist group.

This year, Google sealed a deal to acquire Softcard technology and hence Android Pay. This does not however mean that Google Wallet is forever gone; it will still be needed to keep balances as well as send money to other persons. Even though mobile payments are still very low in the U.S., there is hope, considering the recent trends by major mobile companies towards this technology. Apple introduced Apple Pay with the iPhone 6/6 Plus and the Apple Watch and just recently, Samsung bought LoopPay, after which it rolled out their own Samsung Pay payment system.

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