GoPro has just added a new camera to its growing list of amazing cameras – an entry level model that features top features such as touch screen LCD, in-built Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Features of GoPro Hero+ LCD

The latest GoPro Hero+ LCD was unveiled this week and it comes with 1080p60 as well as 720p60 video recording capability in addition to an 8-MP lens. Furthermore, this camera is suitable for use even when on the beach thanks to its waterproof feature that allows it to function up to 131 feet. With the touch screen feature, it has never been easier to access the Hero+ settings in just a few taps. It is also easier to frame snapshots as well as access other new features such as video-trimming and in-camera options.

Just like its brother the Hero, which costs much less at about $130, the Hero+ LCD is built directly within its waterproof casing. There are also other advanced features on this camera, among them the HiLight Tagging where you can easily mark special moments when recording as well as during playback so that finding them later is an easy task.

The GoPro Hero+ also features a new video-trimming feature that lets users create short video clips without the need of transferring the file to your PC. The availability of this amazing camera is an indicator that GoPro is not only looking to entice high-end users with cameras like the GoPro Hero4 Black, those on the lower end of the spectrum can also take advantage of these high-quality capture solutions by GoPro.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

The GoPro Hero+ also features built-in wireless connectivity for connecting the camera to your phone or tablet using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In this way, you can easily control the Hero+ as well as preview your shots using the GoPro app installed on your phone. As a result, sharing of content on social media platforms becomes much easier.

Other GoPro Hero+ features

The new GoPro Hero+ is no doubt full of amazing features. Other than the above mentioned, the Hero+ also comes with a QuickCapture feature which allows users to start automatic recording once the Hero+ is powered on. Users can also include an SD card of up to 64GB and the device offers about 2 hours of recording time when fully charged.


The GoPro Hero+ is priced at $300 and it will start selling in the U.S. this Sunday. However, international markets will have to wait about a week for the sales to commence. To get a notification of when the shipments will be ready, simply visit the official GoPro website and sign up.

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