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GTA 5 Online Gotten DLC Gameplay Mod Free Download and Install


DomisLive and iCrazyTeddy just showed GTA fans a brand new Gameplay Concept Mod. This mod also includes the DLC elements for the III Gotten Gains DLC that was made known to the public.

The Gameplay Concept Mod mirrors the Enus Windsor paint jobs and the DLC designer one. If you are interested to check out this mod you can get it from, if not then you’ll just have to wait for the official launch of the lll Gotten Gains DLC (it will take place in the following week).

Note: The Gameplay Concept Mod is hitting it off with GTA 5 (this is the computer variant) and you cannot copy it on older or newer game consoles.

The renowned and highly appreciated Youtuber iCrazyTeddy has also shared more info about this Gameplay Concept Mod for the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC. So according to his sayings, the Concept Mod details the clothing styles and the paint makeovers that gamers will get once the lll-Gotten Gains DLC (just for part 1) will be unveiled.

The video lets you see how exactly you can experience these DLC Gameplay Concept Mod elements by using the wardrobe, once you get to a safer establishment. So, you can mod the skin of Dinka Jester Classic by choosing the Enus Windsor paint job to pair up with the shades as well as the texture of your designer jacket in GTA 5. Neat right?

How can you get this cool paint job for the Dinka Jeste in the GTA 5 game? We’ll tell you how:

Start by driving your automobile from Franklin’s garage to Los Santos Customs. Then you can personalize the car with a bunch of different textures and neat skins, if you want the car to go perfectly with what you are wearing. The shades of your automobile can be changed as well (blue, red, yellow, pink and a lot more hues are available).

As a final note, we inform you that lll-Gotten Gains DLC will roll out on PC, Xbox One and PS4, Xbox 360 as well as PS3.