Sony has been one of the leading companies in the camera industry.

Serving the industry for decades, it has produced some remarkable devices that not only gained the attention of prospective buyers, but also won their brand loyalty. Though players like Nikon and Canon are scoring well in the market, they hardly get an edge over Sony’s products. Don’t believe us? Let’s set the Nikon D610 against the Sony SLT A77 II to justify!

Sensor and Lenses

The Nikon device features a 24.2 MP lens which is capable of capturing high-quality pictures. It is a CMOS type camera with 1x crop factor that provides remarkable exposure to the user. On the contrary, the Sony A77 II has a 24.7 MP camera lens, which is hardly better than its competitor. This device is also a CMOS type camera, but offers a 0.5x higher crop factor than its competitor.

When it comes to light sensitivity, the D610 and the A77 II have 6400 ISO and 25600 ISO respectively. As there is a huge difference in the standard sensitivity of the two devices, the Sony SLT camera is more preferable in low light areas. The presence of the sensor cleaning feature in both the cameras, keep the lens safe and clear.

As the two cameras feature interchangeable lenses, there are various options for the user. To be precise, the Nikon camera has 152 lenses availability in comparison to Sony’s 123 lenses. Hence, the users of D610 have more lens replacement options.

Winner: Tie

Display Screen

The Nikon D610 has a 3.2-inch LCD screen. It offers a resolution of 921k dots and provides the live view function. On the other hand, the Sony SLT camera has a relatively smaller, 3-inch LCD screen. Though the display screen is smaller, it comes loaded with a resolution of 1228k dots. This means that the quality of display is better in the Sony device. However, neither of the two devices have the touchscreen functionality in their respective display screen.

Winner: Tie

Video Recording

The Nikon D610 supports video recording at a maximum resolution of 1080p at 30 frames per second. The resolution can be decreased manually to save storage space. On the other hand, the Sony device records videos in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. The format can be adjusted manually to suit different purposes. Apart from this, the Nikon device and the SLT A77 II have contrast detection and phase detection autofocus.

Winner: Sony SLT A77 II

Miscellaneous Features

The Sony device allows the users to capture images in the panorama mode. It comes with a sensor shift image stabilization feature that maintains stability in images. Apart from this, the features like HDR and RAW support are present in both the cameras.

Winner: Sony SLT A77 II

Overall, the two devices perform remarkably well when put up against each other. However, when the price is taken into consideration, the Nikon device costs $1519 while the Sony SLT costs $1249. Hence, Sony takes a lead over its competitor due to its superior specifications and lesser price.

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