Although the gaming content potential of the Playstation 4 remain largely untapped in the industry, it would be wise to look towards the future for indications of where the current technology is headed. Take 4K for example. Cutting edge visuals are growing in popularity among many gamer segments, and it would not be surprising to find consoles implementing this as native resolution as part of their in-built hardwire.

Even within the boundaries of Firmware, launches such as the Playstation Now have advanced Sony’s popular gaming console into something of a social media hub – allowing for subscription services to stream video games at a marginal cost. Think back 20 years ago when the Playstation 1 was all the hype, and barely managing to run anything else other than the gaming disk. The difference now lies in the accessibility.

Seamless online multiplayer, enhanced social capabilities, streaming, and faster internet connections have opened up channels of usability for Sony’s Playstation products as never before. We see elements of the Dualshock controller becoming more and more ergonomic with each release, allowing for maximum comfort over long periods of gameplay.

When we look at the future of the PS5, we would ideally expect things to change. Mind you, not all change is good. Consoles such as the Sega Dreamcast had only a short stint before they were effectively ousted by more popular gaming consoles, having launched to a market at exactly the wrong times. It’s not just about sales. Rather, it’s about consumer tastes, and how that is evolving.

Discs for one are quickly becoming outdated. There are individuals who would have loved to own a collection of cardboard boxes, but that was a good 15-20 years ago. In fact, it was still possible to return a game back then if you said that you didn’t like it and steal the CD Key. Of course things have changed since then with the invention of DRM and other CD-Key encryption softwares. Nevertheless, platforms such as Steam prove that disc drives are becoming less necessary for gamers, and alternative models are available. Physical copies still possess a convenience about them (especially for those with less than enviable download speeds), but this trend is not something we should expect to trend in the future.

VR has been generating a lot of hype, and is still making its mark within the gaming industry. By the time the market is ready for the Playstation 5, it would not be surprising to see the Playstation implement a virtual reality segment as part of the hardware. The limits of virtual reality are still expandable, and products like the Occulus Rift are just the beginning of a potential world of digital interaction. If players don’t want to use a motion controller, but would rather immerse themselves in the game world itself – developers may just find a way to turn this into reality.

For further references, keep an eye out on the Playstation social media channels for hints about their next big release. Sony has built a strong fan-base over the years, and they will remain active and vocal even as time passes.

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