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Temple Run 2 Free Download – The Best Tips on How to Get More Coins


Endless running games are still a hit in the mobile gaming industry and gamers still have a good time playing games like this.

Temple Run 2 remains one of the most popular infinite runner games and it’s as simple as running endlessly while jumping, gliding and turning right and left. One of the objectives of Temple Run 2 is to collect as many coins as you can, because your score is also affected by the coins you get. One of the most popular questions related to Temple Run 2 is how to get more coins. The good news is that it’s possible to earn more coins in Temple Run 2.

Run More

One of the best tips to increase your coins in Temple Run 2 is to play as many times as you can. Consider it as practicing for the game while earning coins. As you keep on running, you will encounter more coins waiting to be collected. If you’re just new to the game, you will earn less coins, but as you keep on playing and when you spend on power-ups, you will earn more and more coins.

Get Free Coins

It’s possible to collect free coins when you’re just starting out. Go to the in-game app store and tap the “Get Free Stuff”. You only need to follow a couple of instructions to get the free coins like following the official Twitter page and liking the Facebook page of Temple Run 2. These free coins are only available once so when you download the game, make sure to check the free stuff from the in-game app store.

Spend Coins

Some people might doubt it but spending some of the coins you managed to collect will help you earn more eventually. Spend coins on power-ups that will help you acquire many more coins like the coin magnet. Upgrade this power-up because the coin magnet allows you to gather all the coins without losing any once you activate it.

Fight Your Way through the Obstacles

The better you find a way to go through obstacles, the better chance of acquiring more coins in Temple Run 2. Once you’ve figured out how to navigate the mine carts and avoid obstacles such as cliff hangers, tree roots, rivers and the devil monkey, you will be able to collect the coins much better. Some coins are located at hard-to-reach places so you need to reach and fight these obstacles that are in your way.

Complete Objectives

Temple Run 2 has many objectives and missions and to earn more coins, you need to complete them all. Completing them is one of the easiest and best ways to collect tons of coins in Temple Run 2. Some objectives are easy while others are more difficult; so make sure that you get as much practice as you can. Completed missions and objectives will earn you coins; so allot time for them. You also need to choose the right power-ups to upgrade in Temple Run 2. Not all of them should be used and are worth upgrading. You need to start upgrading power-ups that will help you more like the coin magnet.