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WhatsApp Releasing Free Voice Calling for Windows Phone – Download Soon


Those who own a Windows Phone haven’t been able to try out the new voice call addition that WhatsApp rolled out. This feature permits you to initiate calls to your other WhatsApp buddies through the VoIP services. So, you don’t have to worry about the carrier imposing you.

According to UberGizmo, which were the ones who immediately noticed the new beta version that came out, apparently for now the only ones who can test it out are those who are involved in the WhatsApp’s Beta testing team.

However, expect this feature to roll out on all Window Phone devices in the upcoming future. Even though WhatsApp hasn’t confirmed these rumors yet, we have a good feeling about it.

Initially, the voice call element was inaugurated with and Android variant of the application and later it came out to Blackberry and iOS. Everybody was exciting about this new addition because they thought they could engage in endless conversations. However let us recall the fact that there isn’t such a thing as a free debut, is there?  Several reports made by Android Pit unveiled the fact that WhatsApp uses up 1.3 MB data in merely 1 minute. Of course, this usage depends. For instance did you know that in India the fee for 1GB 3G data ends up costing somewhere between RS 200- Rs 205? Let’s do the math: a 1 minute call via WhatsApp will costs 20 paise, while a conventional call costs between 30-50 paise/minute. And keep in mind that the one who is getting the call also uses up the same data load. But, let’s look on the bright side-incoming call taxes were taken-out a few years back, so currently users won’t have to spend a dime.

According to some, WhatsApp calling services also experience several lags. Keep in mind that WhatsApp is not the only app out there that rolled out this type of voice call service. You should also consider Viber and Line. The latter just came out with a cool service dubbed Popcorn Buzz and it allows a person to engage in a conversion with 200 individuals, all at once and of course free of charge.