WhatsApp is one of the applications that have a high risk of addiction and once you install it, you won’t get bored again, because you’ll chat all day with your friends. You’ll send messages with simple texts, or you’ll share photos, voice or video recordings without being charged. Some users want to know if their friends are reading their messages, while others care more about their privacy, because they’re hiding from stalkers who are continuously bothering them. However, there is a feature called Read Receipts which allows the sender to know if his/her message has been read. By disabling it, the users will be safe from stalkers, but at the same time, they won’t know if their messages have been read.

With WhatsApp, over 800 million people are sending free messages every day, to their friends who live in all parts of the world, no matter what mobile platform they’re using: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, Symbian or Nokia S40 series. The application is becoming more and more popular thanks to the addition of the voice calling feature, but not all users have access to it, or they don’t want to sacrifice the megabytes included in the data plan, on making voice calls. So, they prefer to send messages because they eat less data.

However, not all users want to let their friends know that they read their messages, especially when they have annoying contacts who are very bored and talkative, or simply obsessed with them. Back in November 2014, WhatsApp introduced the blue check marks which informed the sender to know if his/her message was read by the recipient, while the double check marks indicated that the message has been sent, but not read. There were many pissed users who criticized WhatsApp for this feature and only in January, Read Receipts became an optional feature which can be disabled in Settings.

There are other things that the users can do on WhatsApp, and if they want to see more info regarding their messages, they will see a Message Info screen containing every date and hour when the messages have been read / listened and when the receipt replied. The Message Info screen can be accessed by opening a chat with a contact or a group and by tapping and holding on the sent message. When tapping on the Information symbol, this information will appear: “Delivered”, if the message has been sent, but not read, and “Read”, if the recipient has opened the message.

To disable the Read Recipient feature, you will need to install the latest version for every supported platform and go to Settings > Account > Privacy, then disable the blue check marks.

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