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WhatsApp Voice Calling for Windows Phone Receives a Beta Version, Release Date Close

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WhatsApp voice calling for Windows Phone is now available on the latest beta version of this instant messenger.

This feature has been available on other platforms, such as Android, BlackBerry and iOS for quite some time. However, those on Windows Phone devices had eagerly been waiting for this update to roll out. Now that there is news of a beta version of WhatsApp voice calls on Windows Phone, this is reason enough for those using Windows Phone to be happy now that they will be able to make live voice calls to other WhatsApp users.

How to get WhatsApp 2.12.40 beta on Windows Phone

If you can’t keep waiting for this feature to be fully availed on the Windows Store, you can still take advantage of this beta release and see how the feature works before your friends get it. Unlike with the case of Android devices where the users can simply download and install an APK file on their devices, those using Windows Phone and would love to test WhatsApp voice calling feature will have to go through the app’s beta testing program.

The beta version that is currently with the WhatsApp voice calling feature is v2.12.40. When making a WhatsApp voice call, users will see a user interface which is very similar to that of the default Windows phone when making a voice call. Just like any other current platform that is enabled with WhatsApp voice calls, Windows Phone devices need to be connected to a high bandwidth of the internet if they want to enjoy the best call quality.

WhatsApp voice calling feature for Windows Phone official release date

The news about the new WhatsApp voice calling feature on Windows Phone devices has been around for quite some time now. The developers had previously confirmed that this platform will “soon” be getting this feature and this was back in April. Now that June is here and the beta version of this feature is available, it is expected that the service will be up and running this summer. This will even be boosted by the fact that Windows Phone users are not that many as compared to those using the Android or iOS.

When Android rolled out the feature, it was available on an invite-only basis. This is not known whether it will be the same pattern WhatsApp for Windows Phone takes. However, since the feature is available for every person who is a member of the WhatsApp beta testing program, it seems this pattern won’t apply. Instead, the voice calling feature will be rolled out based on the model numbers or phone makes.

WhatsApp has already reached a massive 800+ million active monthly users, a figure that has recently been rising thanks to this voice calling service on Android and other platforms. Once the service is availed on Windows Phone devices, it is expected that WhatsApp’s focus will turn to other platforms that include Nokia and Symbian. Furthermore, a WhatsApp video calling feature is also on the cards, something that might come in sooner than expected.