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WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus – Fundamental Differences You Need to Know


WhatsApp is a wonderful instant messaging tool that many people adore; no wonder it has a following of over 800 million people from all over the world.

However, you will only be full of praise for WhatsApp, if you didn’t know about the existence of a clone app in the shape of WhatsApp Plus. This prototype of the messenger adds a lot more unique and amazing features to what the original app already offers. The best part of it all is that it eliminates all the limitations that are associated with the regular WhatsApp.

The major WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus differences

Just like the name of the app suggests, WhatsApp Plus is just another version of WhatsApp, where there is a Plus of features that the original app misses.

To start with, WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp cannot be installed on the same device. You have no choice but to choose one of them, either the original app or the clone WhatsApp Plus. This means that if you are a current user of WhatsApp and you’d like to install the clone WhatsApp Plus on your Android smartphone, you must first of all remove or uninstall the original app.

Post removing the original app, download the clone WhatsApp Plus and install it. The clone app is not available in the Google Play Store. To get it, go to the official WhatsApp Plus website and download it. Alternatively, you can search for the app on Google search and you will get plenty of sites to download the APK file. Since the app is an idea ‘stolen’ from the original WhatsApp, it makes use of the same phone number, contacts as well as messages as the latter. However, once installed, it changes the icon from green to blue.

Users of WhatsApp are aware of the simple, user-friendly but dull and drab interface that this app comes with. The only colors you can see are grey, green and white. However, installing WhatsApp Plus will offer you the chance to make numerous changes to the appearance of this interface. You can change the fonts, colors as well as styles of the app to match what you like. There are also more than 700 themes that you can choose from, apply them directly or edit them first before applying them.

Users of WhatsApp Plus are equipped with much better emoticons than what WhatsApp offers. However, these emoticons only work among WhatsApp Plus users.

The regular WhatsApp has some issues when it comes to responding to messages; for instance, the blue ticks and the last seen status. Furthermore, this app denies users the ability to hide their online status. These are things that WhatsApp Plus offers a way out, allowing the users to hide the blue ticks and see those of their friends, freeze their last seen status as well as hide their online status.

If you are using the original WhatsApp, you will only be able to send media files of up to 16MB. WhatsApp Plus takes care of this issue by allowing users to send files of up to 50MB.

If you still doubt whether to try out this clone app or remain with the mother app, maybe due to its unavailability in the Play Store or the recent WhatsApp ban, don’t fret. There is a new ban-free WhatsApp Plus that can be downloaded from the official website of this app. Once you install this version, you will not be affected by any ban from the original WhatsApp.