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Windows 10 for Xbox – Top Features Revealed


Microsoft will be rolling out Windows 10 to the public starting from July 29.

This will usher in a new era of Microsoft Windows PCs as the OS promises a lot more than what has already been discussed on numerous occasions.

The new Windows 10 will include integration of the Xbox app, something that has really got some gamers very excited about the new OS’s release. According to the head of Xbox, Microsoft seems to be planning great things for this Xbox app when they roll out Windows 10. This OS will be able to work on PCs, tablets, smartphones, notebooks and many other devices and you won’t be short of pleasure as it has utility converged in one place. It will now be possible to enjoy Xbox games right from any of these devices rather than having to use your TV for the same.

To help with the integration of Xbox app into Windows 10, Microsoft provides developers of this game with the necessary tools that help in making a fast transition from Xbox to desktops. There was probably no one that expected this move to happen; however, it seems the PC gaming world is ready to see a revolution. Even this Xbox experience was still available in Windows 8, the integration it gets with Windows 10 is unmatched and it will attract more gamers to this platform.

Easy communication between gamers

Using Windows 10, it will be possible to build complete Xbox Live functionality into games, something that will let gamers connect to each other using live chats, just like it happens with the case of the console. It will be possible to know who is online and instantly initiate a chat or even check at what their friends has achieved on the gaming platform.

Windows 10 will allow Xbox gamers to make recordings of what they are playing, using either photos or videos. However, uploading them to the Xbox Live account will require that you get a GameDVR. It will be possible to play games on PCs against other gamers using the Xbox consoles as well as play games over a home network using the newly incorporated streaming service.

Once Windows 10 is rolled out, there will be a new version of DirectX 12 which will be rolled out as well. This application is essential in handling multimedia-related tasks. Other slight changes will affect the start screen, menu as well as the interface. Furthermore, users of Windows 10 will be able to browse the Windows Store Apps directly from their PCs.