The makers of Farm Heroes Saga and Candy Crush Saga are back with a brand new game.

Recognized as the king of gaming apps, the team of King, has innovated an adventurous and lively way to play scrabble. You can play the word game, while wandering through the streets of Candy Crush Saga in Alphabetty.

In the quest for acquiring more words, you turn the time back to 1930s and live the life of Betty. She lives in a family with her grandfather, Professor Alpha and his assistant, Barney. As Alpha is a professor, he taught Betty to build an encyclopaedia. You play the role of Betty in the game helping Alpha and Barney learn new words. As the head characters are mice, the streets of Alphabetty are filled with cheese, unlike the streets of Candy Crush Saga where all you found were candies.

As Aplhabetty is a combo offer from Candy Crsuh Saga and Scrabble, the basic concept to play this game remains the same. You join letters together as you did it in Scrabble, but have to make it in a specified number of moves. Similar to the way you had to face challenges to win every level in Candy Crush Saga, you are screened through tests in this word adventure of Alphabetty. You will have to pass through three modes – apple drop, letter lights and last letter. Furthermore, these modes have multiple levels such as scoring mode, cheese falls, bubble pop, word frenzy and growth mode.

You have to make as many words as possible and achieve the target score or spread the cheese throughout the screen to win the challenge. All you need to do is pick the tile and drag it across the screen to make the desired word.

Some blocks are painted with colors like golden and silver. These are the bonus tiles as the golden tile doubles the value of the word you made using it, whereas silver multiplies the value of the letter placed on it for the word. To make it a little more complex, King has entwined the blocks with vines of trees. If you are using the unlocked block of vine for making the word, the tile will not be counted and you will score less from that particular word.

In addition to this, you have a few advantages that can be utilized through the levels; one of them is the crown. You just have to make a four letter word to bring this crown alive. Once you get it, it will fall on any block and you have to use that block in the words to benefit yourself with points. The other one is a line blaster, that once used can sabotage the entire row of blocks earning you points. These line blasters are generated with five, six or seven letter words. You will come through more of such advantages as you progress.

Alphabetty uses your brain, crafty ideas and smartness to win over the game and build the entire encyclopaedia. You need to keep trying and be in search for new words as there is no penalty for trying wrong words on the board. So try out scrabble in a complete fun and exciting way.

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