The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have already acquired a massive consumer base since their launch; however, this year speculations are high about the company rolling out the release of their next version – the iPhone 6S very soon.

Following the history of Apple down the years, of their product releases, the next iPhone can be an ‘S’ model. But, insider buzz suggests that the upcoming product could be quite different from their previous releases.

So, when is the iPhone 6S coming out? It is easy to calculate the timing since Apple has been announcing their previous releases sometime in September. We can expect the launch to be timed similarly, with the product going for sale a few weeks after. But, again, there are two new iPhone releases slated for this year; so they may not go for sale on the same day. Also, there is a buzz that the newest release could be out there as early as August as the claims are already high this year. Hence, Apple might just want to time it earlier and roll out their first this year very soon.

Design and appearance

The iPhone 6S model like the previous version can be expected to stay the same, in terms of design. Though there are certain things that can be tweaked, the rest is stated to remain the same. In fact, Apple might just want to save all the major changes for their later release, the iPhone 7. But for now, it seems that the iPhone 6S might be using the same chassis as its predecessor with similar color options. There might be changes in the weight due to the various internal components or even the addition of a new sapphire glass. The screen size can be 4.7 inches, but for the ‘S’ version it can remain at 5.5 inches. The screen resolution also may stay the same; however, rumor states that it can be a 5 inch display with 400ppi.

Changes to expect

If the design does not change, then the iPhone 6S is likely to get a hardware upgrade. The most credible rumor is that there might be a new processor. The iPhone 6S may have an A9 chip, which can be upgraded to 2GB RAM. Also, rather than the Touch ID fingerprint scanner being tucked away in the home button, it could be integrated into the display. It is possible that the display can feature Force Touch debuting on the new Macbook and Apple Watch. Hence, with just a tap on the screen, the users can enter into various locations.

There is a possibility that the camera can be upgraded; however, it isn’t clear whether it will be a 21Mp rear camera or a 12Mp sensor. With the lightning connector being plugged in, the latest device may come with a reversible USB connector. It is already a given that the iPhone 6S will have an iOS 9 OS.

In fact, rumor also has it that Apple may use the same 700 series aluminum used in the Apple Watch in the iPhone 6S. Much sturdier and stronger than the standard aluminum, the iPhone 6S is just perfect to come with this durable, but lightweight chassis. Force Touch might be just another factor loaded in the iPhone 6S. It gives pressure sensitivity to the device such that there is a clear distinction between that of a light tap or when pressed hard thus providing the scope for newer gestures.

A buzz is that the iPhone 6S may be available in rose gold color with silver and space grey as well as gold to match the rose gold Apple Watch Edition.


The cost of iPhone 6S can be expected to be in the same price range like its previous iPhone models.

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