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Candy Crush Saga – Become a Master, Tips, Tricks and Cheats


By playing Candy Crush Saga for a few minutes, you’ll become very addicted to this game forever. This game might look quite easy and simple, but it is quite addictive for both kids and mature people. The puzzle comes with some delicious candies, that need to be matched (three or more) in order to clear them from the border.

The game is a bit tricky and it contains some hard levels that will get on your nerves when trying to pass them. To pass them easier, without getting frustrated, you will need to use some tips, tricks and cheats. So here, are a few Candy Crush Saga tips, tricks and cheats to improve your gaming experience.

Keep an eye on the number of turns

In case you have a specific number of turns to complete a Candy Crush Saga stage, we suggest you to keep an eye on it. The number of turns will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Match four or more candies

We agree that matching three candies are usually the trick in this game, but by matching four or more candies will boost your score even more. By matching four candies, you will generate a special candy that can be combined with two similar candies and eliminate a whole row. However, in case you match five candies, this will generate a special candy that when matched with two more similar candies will destroy all the similar candies that have the same color from the entire board.

Don’t waste turns

Don’t rush on matching candies and look better on the entire table and see if you can make four-five matches for a better score. In case there is a piece of jelly in the lower right corner, don’t waste turns by matching candies from the top left corner.

Unlocking and paying for boosters

You are able to unlock and use boosters that will help you a lot in this game. Below, we’re going to list you the boosters, their costs and what they do.

Extra Moves: This booster adds five extra moves to a puzzle (costs 0.99 dollars)
Lollipop Hammer: Using this booster, you will be able to smash a candy and remove it from the puzzle (it costs 1.99 dollars)
Jelly Fish: This booster will add a jelly fish to candy and clear all three pieces from the jelly when they’re matched (it costs 1.99 dollars).

The Jelly is not moving

This is a rookie mistake and in case you’ve already started playing this game, you’ve already done it. The jelly blocks can’t be moved, but you can maneuver the different pieces of candies. Always try to remove jellies by using some strategic moves to put different candies in place.

Running out of lives will come with consequence

If you just started playing Candy Crush Saga, you will notice that you will have just a certain number of lives/turns. Once you lose them all, you will have three options: wait until you get more lives, ask for your Facebook friends to give you free lives or buy them with real money.

Suggested matches are not always the best ones

The game will highlight the potential matches by “illuminating” the candies. However, they are not always the best choices and we suggest you to stop using them once you get used to the game.

Buying the Charm of Life

Chars are special items that can have a huge impact to the game. The first Charm of Life costs 16.99 dollars and it increases your lives from five to eight!