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Gmail vs Fastmail – Top Features, Apps and Functions Comparison


We’re pretty sure that a good amount of people know that Gmail is an email service provided by Google. However, there are not many who know that Fastmail is another email service that was owned by Opera but Fastmail bought back the company and now it is independent again. Lately, Fastmail has gained a lot of popularity and it seems that it is becoming more and more used.

According to CNET, Google and Gmail are not as stable as before and the service has disruptions every now and then. Apart from this issue, there are the ads that are not enjoyed by many Gmail users. There are even people who think that Gmail’s employees are “reading” their emails in order to show contextual ads.

Is Fastmail a good alternative to Gmail?

According to a well-known computer programmer, Paul Graham, Gmail is quite slow because Google doesn’t want to spend too much money on their free product. Oh well, this might be right, but we remind you that Gmail used to be very fast. With other words, Fastmail might be fast now, but can always become quite slow in the near future.

Gmail vs Fastmail 2

Currently, Fastmail doesn’t have the same number of users as Gmail, even if it has been released 16 years ago. This means that the servers of Fastmail are not overused at the moment. Also, Fastmail comes with a modern user interface, but it’s not as modern as Gmail’s. However, Fastmail’s user interface is more effective and practical.

Fastmail also comes without ads, lean HTML pages and it doesn’t require cookies, javascripts or any other technology that can slow down the webmail interface. However, even if FastMail is quite fast, it doesn’t come with business tools and an app marketplace that can help you out.

FastMail has a small amount of applications such as Sanebox, but Gmail offers many popular and useful applications that can help you a lot, such as: Dropbox, Mavenlink, SalesForce etc.

Also, Gmail’s labels are flexible tools for organizing your emails, because you can add more than one label to an email. For example, if a customer will send you a pre-sales question, you mark the email as “Pre-Sales” or “Sales Queries” on Gmail. On FastMail, you can also do something similar by moving the emails to a desired folder. However, on Gmail you will be able to add even more labels to the email such as “Closed – Won” or “Closed – Lost” in order to manage your sales cycle.

FastMail has not application for Android or iOS

One big downside of FastMail is that the application doesn’t have a native application for mobile devices.

FastMail has no chat 

Gmail is moving from the current “Gmail Chat” to Google Hangouts. It is an efficient chat system, which will surely be enjoyed by all Gmail users. However, FastMail doesn’t even have a chat function, which makes it look quite old.

FastMail and Spam filtering

We can clearly say that Gmail has better Spam filtering than FastMail. Also, Gmail comes with Calendar and Drive. By adding documents to Drive, you will be able to start accessing them immediately.


Moving from Gmail to Fastmail might not be a very good idea, especially for a business company. As you can see, there are more features that Gmail is offering and even if, currently, the email is not as fast as Fastmail, we’re pretty sure that you will prefer having a slower email, but with more features than a fast one with very few options and features.