When you start your own business, you will need to take many decisions pretty fast. Some of the decisions can be changed in the future, but others will stay like that forever. One of the things that you can change without many problems in your company is the email provider.

There are many different email providers out there, but two of the biggest names are Gmail and Outlook. Both applications come with pros and cons, so we will tell you something about them and we will let you decide which one you will want to use.


Gmail is an affordable option compared to Outlook. Google’s email service will give you 15GB of free space, which means that it can hold a big amount of emails without any problems.

The interface is not as easy to use as on Outlook, which this might be a minus for Gmail. However, one of the best things about Gmail is that this service is completely online, meaning that you will be able to switch devices or computers and still access your emails without any problems. You won’t need to sync devices to get your emails, which is a good thing for a person that uses several computers.

Gmail comes with some great built in spam features which will stop a lot of spam emails that would “hit” your inbox.


Outlook is another email provider that it’s used by a lot of users. It comes with a very intuitive user interface and you will most likely get used to it in just a few minutes.

One of the greatest things that Outlook comes with is that you can access your emails while being offline. With other words, in case you’ve synced your Outlook account, you can disconnect from the internet and still be able to access all the emails you’ve received (until you last synced the application) without any problems. The emails are actually being downloaded to your computer and this is why you can read them offline.

You can even reply to the emails and as soon as you will connect your computer to the internet, the emails will be sent. Outlook allows you to organize your inbox with the use of rules, flags and categories. These tools makes outlook easy to find and track the emails that you’ve received. At the same time, it makes sure that you will never miss an important email.


Both Gmail and Outlook are good email providers and we can’t say which one is better. However, we suggest to use them both of them and get an idea on how they work. If you travel a lot and have your own laptop, you can always go for Outlook, as you can connect to the internet, sync the emails and read them later (and reply) while you are offline when you are traveling by bus, airplane, train etc.

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