Flash content is being ruled out by Google and Adobe, which have joined forces. This will allow all users to surf the web with ease while enjoying a dynamic experience on the World Wide Web. This is a brand new feature that is set up by default on Chrome’s desktop Beta option. This just came out and will continue to reach out to others using the Chrome desktop variant.

According to Google’s allegations, this is meant to simply hit pause on the content that is not primordial on the website. But if those surfing these webpages sense that Google has paused a crucial piece of info for them, by clicking on it, they will regain the thing they need. And that’s not all, by implementing this strategy, users will see that the battery life will be enhanced, thus you can browse the web a lot longer.

Go on to Content settings on your Chrome and pick the “Detect and run important plugin content” option. Other major power enhancements will soon roll out, according to Google’s claims. Other types of free extensions for the Chrome web browser have also been made public by Google. These extensions are meant to tightly secure one’s account and prevent hackers from gaining access to your private data.

There is an extension dubbed Password Alert. You can set it up on Google Chrome. This will give you the heads-up before entering private info on shady sites or pages. This was an extension that took a pretty long time to” bring to life”, but it was worth it because it’s off the charts. However, this is not Google’s only security tool. There is also the secure browsing tech which also signals users every time they are on sketchy sites or other types of tools that aid users to expand the security features on their accounts.

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