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Google Maps Offline Mode Download – Reach Your Destination Safely


Google Maps is Google’s web mapping service created for desktops and mobile devices and it offers satellite imagery, street maps, Street View, Google Traffic and route planning in case you want to travel by foot, car, bicycle, buses, trains or with any other public transportation. But the internet connection might not be strong all the time and instead of getting lost on your way to a foreign place, because of the bad cell phone reception in some areas, for example with mountains. In this case, you’d better save a map of the location or area you’re transiting and view it later, in offline mode.

So, if you want to visit a place in a country you’ve never been before and you’re traveling by car, you must be prepared for all kinds of inconveniences, such as unforeseen events involving accidents or if the roads are closed due to repairs, it’s better to use a GPS with extra features. But if you don’t have cell or Wi-Fi reception while you’re driving, you won’t be able to know in advance what to expect from the route you’re following. In this case, you’d better save a map and use it while you’re in offline mode. The advantage of using an offline map is that you can download it at home, using your WiFi connection, then while you’re driving, you won’t consume any mobile data.

To use Google Maps offline, first open Google Maps and search for a location you plan to visit. After finding it, save it by typing OK Maps in the search bar, or by tapping the microphone icon and saying OK maps or by tapping the search bar, scrolling to the bottom, then hitting Save a new offline map. ?You will save the map on your microSD card, and you can even zoom the view, to display the needed information. After saving the map, to access it you will tap the menu icon looking like a hamburger, which is found at the top left of Maps app, then you’ll choose Your places. When scrolling to the bottom of the new screen you will see your saved maps under Saved places. Tap on the one you want to view offline and that’s it.