In the WWDC conference which took place last night in San Francisco, Apple unveiled the next version of its operating system for computers, Mac OS X. This is a minor upgrade to Yosemite, but introduces several new elements that will forever shape the way iMac computers, Mac Pro and Macbook will operate in the future. For such a change of perspective a big name was needed: Mac OS X El Capitan.

El Capitan primarily brings a radical change from a visual standpoint. It renounces the old Helvetica font, being everywhere in older versions of OS X and adopts a new Apple proprietary font called San Francisco, which debuted with Apple Watch. We can expect that all default Apple applications to adopt a similar visual style, along with iOS, in a not too distant future.

Among the new features, OS X El Capitan brings a more natural search method, Spotlight now supports conversational language, like Siri and Google Now. You can search the operating system or in various applications such as Mail using expressions such as “All messages a month ago”, or “I want to find all photos made in the X city”.

Mac OS X El Capitan 2

Safari now supports permanent tabs that users can choose, a function already available in Google Chrome. They are loaded every time when starting the browser and remain open when it is restarted. There is now an icon that indicates the tab that produces sound and playback to be stopped for any other tab by pressing a single button.

Finally Mission Control window manager and applications gets a new visual style that displays a user’s processes more effectively and comes with a very useful feature: split screen. OS X El Capitan provides similar functionality to Snap from Windows 8, can display two applications simultaneously on the screen, with the ability to set the size of each.

According to Apple, El Capitan will come with performance optimizations, integrating now API Metal animations for operating system and applications. It seems that 3D gaming performance will benefit ten times than before, Adobe already presenting a new version of After Effects with 8 times faster renderings.

The new operating system is already available to developers, and a public beta version will be launched in July. As every year, the official release is expected in the fall, in September or October.

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